Dystopia is born in movement. Tours, routes, airports, hotels and train stations. Always looking for where to connect our phones, worshiping satellites in orbit, depending on a network, enjoying Cybernia and Dystopia.


The short relief of connecting to be Me again.


Cybernia and Dystopia.

From then on, opprobrium and success marked our lives.

Dystopia is a constant balancing act between the trivial and the sublime that playfully questions our human condition. The show pokes fun at all sorts of mandates and assignments to better desecrate them. He deactivates fears, excesses and postures through laughter, questioning the viewer: "Where do we come from? How far have we come? What is the destiny of this human being?"
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Creation: POYO ROJO / Alfonso Barón, Hermes Gaido & Luciano Rosso, with the collaboration of Julien Barazer.

Direction: Hermes Gaido

Choreography and interpretation: Alfonso Barón & Luciano Rosso

Music collaboration: Sebastian Perez & Migo Scalone

Video Creation: POYO ROJO, Alfonso Barón, Hermes Gaido, Luciano Rosso & Julien Barazer

Video montage and visual effects: Hermes Gaido

Light, scenography, costumes and accessories: POYO ROJO, Alfonso Barón, Hermes Gaido & Luciano Rosso

Dramaturgy: POYO ROJO, Alfonso Barón, Hermes Gaido, Luciano Rosso & Julien Barazer

Production: POYO ROJO and Teatro Español (Madrid)

Production direction: T4/ Maxime Seugé & Jonathan Zak

With the support of the Pôle de développement chorégraphique Bernard Glandier - Montpellier, L’Arsenic – Gindou (Communauté de communes Cazals-Salviac), Théâtre Molière Scène Nationale Archipel de Thau - Sète, SPEDIDAM.

Distribution in Spain: Producciones Teatrales Contemporáneas